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Phantom Koala and the Long and Short of Corporate Vision

October 5, 2009

Corporate Leadership and Koalas : search results at bluecray Environmental Search

Tweed Shire Koala Populations at – and some more updates about the threat from corporate myopia and Koala Populations HERE .


The “Koala” is not just an ICON.

Koala Icon QLD : bluecray Environmental Search results .

Koala Icon NSW : bluecray Environmental Search results .

“Truth and Consequences” at Daniel Goleman’s website : Ecological Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence

In the following Koala Poem about Corporate Vision, Phantom Koala muses that the current vision is extremely MYOPIC. Land is cleared,  bargains are made and more Koala Habitat is lost. PK is waiting for Corporate Leadership to take the helm. Unfortunately, all he sees is self seeking gamesmanship, ego and deceit in many directions. Luckily, he has some good friends all around the world, and with his family and friends, he climbs up high to “see”…..
…………….corporate myopia

Phantom Koala does disappearance good
His developer enemies wish that he would
stop as a threat(ened), so their work can go on
now their money is dwindling ,  their wish list so long

They’ve complied with the standard of EIS, so –
why does the nod from the government slow?
And why does their sleep seem to toss turn and wake
they’ve paid their donations what more does it take?

Well PK’s protected. Their money can’t buy
his spirit or habit(at) since their money’s a lie.
And lies based on ego and greed and defense
are valued below more than just a few cents.

While PK’s dear forest friends rally to hear
how corporate greed is now seen by this seer
(This hero who travels through corporate land
and watches and listens to their hollow stand)

Ah –  there’s none oh so blind as as those that can see
yet miss this Koala who’s high in his tree.
And there’s none oh so blind as developers who
circle like madmen yet deny what they knew.

They vow that they’ll see all their money can buy
but PK and his friends see their actions so sly
PK has their myopic sights right in his frame
and sees on their shoulders all of the blame

For his dear friends’ home losses their habitats ‘dozed
And who’s sleeping well now this myth is near closed?
It’s PK and family and friends sitting high
above tree tops of love so they’ll always see “why”.

Phantom Koala (PK) wonders why, for all the badge selling, tracking and monitoring, big furry- suited people with tins and volumes of papers and documents, no corporation has stopped the great destruction of Koala Habitat in SE QLD and NE NSW. PK knows that he has Corporate Friends. PK also knows that the “Koala” is not just an ICON.

Native vegetation clearance, habitat loss and biodiversity decline – An overview of recent native vegetation clearance in Australia and its implications for biodiversity – references and CONTENTS . what was known back in 1995 . (Biodiversity Series, Paper No. 6 Andreas Glanznig, Biodiversity Unit Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories, June 1995) at Australian Dept. of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts

PK Crossing Road on Tweed Coast, NE NSW, Australia

PK Crossing Road on Tweed Coast, NE NSW, Australia

Development on the Tweed Coast of NE NSW, in the Mt Warning Caldera Region of Australia is an example of Corporate Myopia

Australian Science at Work– some archived articles here that may be of interest

The Australian Government Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts . and their Threatened Species Publications .

Urban Taskforce : and their Mission Statement…..


Australia’s Threatened Species at the Australian Academy of Science .


“Rescuing Remnants” at the National Library of Australia online .

Threatened remnant vegetation – search results at bluecray Environmental Search


Phantom Koala and the Planner have a dream together

March 25, 2009

Phantom Koala has been busy trying to help his friends on the Tweed Coast of NE NSW. The heavy earth moving equipment has been destroying  wildlife homes and chasing the animals away for many years now.  Cars and people have also invaded the wildlife homes and Phantom Koala’s sleep is restless as each day’s activity becomes louder, more threatening.

Safe places to hide are becoming scarce. Oh! What to do? Then, one morning, after being chased by dogs and almost hit by a car, Phantom Koala finds a safe tree, and settles to an exhausted sleep. He begins to dream……………


PK dreams of talking with the Government Official who holds Stewardship of Kings Forest

PK dreams of talking with the Government Official who holds Stewardship of Kings Forest



The Development that is planned for the Kings Forest area is

  • environmentally unsustainable 
  • damaging to the wildlife that are already stressed due to development surrounding fragments of bushland
  • far too large to risk building, due to the fragile nature of the ecosystems and fragmented habitats  of the Tweed Coast

A few links:-

Kings Forest Cobakai Lakes Proposals – clearing the house

March 25, 2009

Monkey wonders why Phantom Koalas threatened friends at Kings Forest arent as popular to save by the people, as the monkey on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald

Monkey wonders why Phantom Koala’s threatened friends at Kings Forest aren’t as popular to save by the people, as Taronga Zoo’s little Francois Langur monkey on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald this week – “Why Me” :  Corina Smith’s animal advocacy photos, taken in China.

As a piscean monkey, I can relate to this picture (above) that my friend took in China a few years back.This regards the future of the animals that now live in the Kings Forest area. If Kings Forest and Cobakai Lakes developments should go ahead, then the animals that live there, as part of their habitat range, will be, in effect, imprisoned, like the monkey above!!

This will occur, should development be allowed to proceed, and the required lifelines to the threatened species become cut, altered, threatened, cleared or overwhelmed by infrastructure and golf course/development, catchments alteration and traffic.

Here is a mini clearinghouse for Bluecray’s “Kings Forest Proposals” Articles.

Links to the abandoned Francois Langur Monkey – “Francois Langur monkeys subsist mainly on leaves with fruit, buds, flowers, seeds, stems and bark providing supplements. They drink very little water”

Kings Forest Project Development – sleepless days & nights to come for endangered species

March 15, 2009

KINGS FOREST (near Kingscliff):

Infrastructure and community planning for the coast of NE NSW – now in the hands of those behind the closed doors of the Department of Planning’s King’s Forest submission’s review reveals a substantial threat to wildlife and the sustainability for future populations in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Australia.

A letter ,in the Tweed Shire Echo this week (12th March, 2009), outlines very clearly the lack of caring by Developer Industry Planning for Land and future generations of residents on the North East Coast of NSW.

Threatened species that have been left to survive in the remaining State Significant Site are further being imprisoned, on all sides, by development that is of massive proportions.

Whilst the gate is now shut on the development submissions for this Kings Forest Project by ” Leda “, I suggest, also, that the gate has shut for Leda.

The   Caldera Environment Centre in NE NSW, Australia shows insights,  in their submission to the NSW Government and objection to the planned Kings Forest and Cobakai Lakes Development , summing up  the King’s Forest Project situation very clearly. You should have a read of this Submission HERE.

(It is a shame that the write of that submission is not the one person who get’s to make the all important decision regarding this NSW State Significant site – because then, these threatened species could at least have some solitude, peace and rest in their threatened habitats.)

Here are a few more news Articles concerning  Leda and community response to their “proposed” development of the State Significant site in the Northern Rivers.

“The Trick in the Tweed : take a good look at the Lie of the land” – Sydney Morning Herald Feb 8th 2003 – some interesting history about the Kings Forest site 1970’s-2003

“Development yields nothing but a crop of litigation” – Sydney Morning Herald Nov. 8th 2004

9th Nov 2007 ” Leda ordered to remediate illegally cleared land” Nov 9th 2007 Gold Coast City Council

“Leda’s 7 Billion Dollar sale of two cities” – Dec. 20th 2008

“Friends call for action on Tweed Koala Population” – The Far North Coaster online Magazine Feb. 15th 2009

“Developments Uncertain” – Feb. 17th 2009

“Planned township threat to Koalas” – Tweed Daily News Mar. 10th 2009

“Letters to the Editor –  Rape of Species” – Tweed Shire Echo Mar. 12th 2009

If you have had enough reading, then you maybe could stop here……otherwise, read on, as I have more to say regarding the MYTH of LEDA.

Phantom Koala (PK) worries about his cousins in Kings Forest, and how they will make it through the night, when the other wildlife goes and the cars and people come

Phantom Koala (PK) worries about his cousins in Kings Forest, and how they will make it through the night, when the other wildlife goes and the cars and people come

I would like to comment on the above Tweed Shire Echo letter,  regarding mythology and stories:-

The Swan can have many different metaphysical connotations.


In modern economic times, the idea of the black swan has a particular relation to “The Black Swan” (author –  Nassim Nicholas Taleb) . There is an interview here about the current economic global climate……. theory of the black a bit like expect the unexpected.

Regarding the LEDA Mythology:-

1. Leda has another dimension– the four children. Four offspring by her not so pleasant creative experiences.

2. Leda had her four offspring from two eggs, after being raped by Zeus ( who had disguised himself as a SWAN) :-

But, as is the way with myths – and business deals – it is more complex than that!

3.  Castor and Clytemnestra’s father was Tyndareus.   Pollux and Helen’s (Helen of Troy) father was Zeus.

4.  Of the four offspring of LEDA, One child is ALWAYS immortal – Polydeuces or Pollux.

THE CHILDREN (creative offspring):

Clytemnestra – alternating between weak and pathetic then ruthless and manipulative.

Helen (of Troy), one of the children, reminds us of pride and lack of foresight when one wants to just go ahead and DO IT!!! – a side that, should “hubris” take charge, then pity the outcome –

The Heavenly Twins : Castor and Pollux – we know them as the constellation Gemini . Horses, art, literature and pugnaciousness are associated with the Twins.  The Planet Mercury is identified with these Twins. Ptolemy regarded the stars in the feet of these two cosmic children as portraying sickness, trouble, disgrace and affliction to the knees.

Should the children’s (offspring or creative outcome of Leda) little feet run about to places where conflict is great, they can become become argumentative and unearth disgrace – then these “children” can become somewhat argumentative. One of these children, being immortal, WILL ARGUE FOREVER! – The tenacious Polydeuces (Pollux)

5. Cygnus – the Swan Constellation and basis for much Mythology:-

  • Denebe adige (alpha cygnus) is a brilliant white star in the tail of the swan.
  • Denebe adige With Sun and Mars above the earth, and the Moon at the same time with Procyon (25 Cancer), death by the bite of a mad dog. [Robson*, p.159.] from : Constellations of Words ** see below
  • Other stars in Cygnus are: – Sador (the breast); Azelfafage (the foot); Albireo (the beak)to name a few.
  • Cygnus is associated with the Hebrew letter “resh” and the tarot card “judgement
  • Apollo is the “god” who holds the SWAN sacred. Apollo is also about the Sun, much Power and worldly Prestige. Apollo is the Son of Zeus and LETO.
  • As Zeus had a habit of having twins, Apollo also had a TWIN – ARTEMIS – or DIANA – the Protector of Wild Animals, Children and Fertility.

6. The children of the FALSE Swan and LEDA therefore have a number of different “human” stories to tell us. They tell us about our

  • manipulative (but on the surface-compliant) natures (Clytemnestra)
  • tendency to be struck down from the “heights” when we become to “full”of our own importance and power (Helen)
  • ability to enjoy the finer things in life to the full and recreate enthusiastically (Castor)
  • ability to dig in deep and stand our ground – to the end and beyond (Pollux)

When the Tweed Shire Council’s Tweed Link  – ISSUE 594 DECEMBER 16, 2008 ISSN 1327-8630 – came out, and it displayed the Advertising of the Leda  Major Developments at Kings Forest and Cobaki Lakes with their related NSW Department of Planning NOTICE, the Astrology of the day was quite interesting!.

Asad and Deneb Adige

Asad and Deneb Adige

**The Sun and Mars were conjunct and the MOON was conjunct the fixed star Procyon (25Cancer) on the previous day (Dec. 15th 2008). Now, I guess that Leda do not employ an astrologer for their business timing. They may have been in too bigger rush, trying  to have the Proposal go before the public over the Christmas period,  to notice how inauspicious their “heavenly timing” was.

Or failing that, they may have employed a rather dodgy astrologer?Because that timing of release is very indicative of a failure in the project, failure to meet with public approval, and also indicates –  eventual public downfall, disgrace and possibly even the odd “bite” by those who previously have shown loyalty to them.

“A preliminary investigation of the distribution of koalas and their potential habitat in the Tweed Shire, and implications for management”  by Judy Faulks . Find article at – Australian Zoologist, June 1991 Vol. 27(1 & 2)

Richmond Birdwing Butterfly – recovery by community action

March 8, 2009


Pararistolochia praevenosa - drawing of a plant near the Lamington Plateau, SE QLD

Pararistolochia praevenosa - drawing of a plant near the Lamington Plateau, SE QLD

Today, I was lucky enough to see a Richmond Birdwing Butterfly. It was flying past me as I walked through my garden ( Upper Burringbar, Mt Warning Caldera, NE NSW, Australia).

This is only the second Richmond Birdwing Butterfly that I have ever seen. This Butterfly ((Ornithoptera richmondia), and it’s host plants arelisted  threatened species in Queensland, and although not listed in NSW or by the Australian Government, this Butterfly’s  survival is of concern, in NSW.

 It was quite large – green and black were the predominant colour. The first one I saw, was many years back, near Lower Beechmont, in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, SE Qld (and also part of the Mt Warning Caldera Region). That first one I saw was HUGE! I thought it was a bird!

This Butterfly I saw to day was also big. And it is a good sign to see one. I guess that the community action over the past ten years or so is really starting to pay off!

I have just written an article on this Richmond Birdwing Butterfly, at  . The conservation, recovery and the community action that has occurred is due to some very dedicated scientists and community volunteers over the past decade.  I was so happy to have seen this beautiful butterfly fly past me. Next time, I hope I have my camera ready!!

PK & Litoria look for Rufous Bettong – a threatened species listed as vulnerable by the NSW Government

March 6, 2009

There are 25 threatened marsupials in NSW – (NSW  Government Threatened Species). The Rufous Bettong is one of these threatened species.

I share some mutual habitat with a Rufous Bettong that lives nearby,  in Upper Burringbar, NE NSW.  Thickets of vegetation, old fallen tree logs, a  variety of niches to  set up a nesting spot and stay for a while to live. This  could definitely be appealing to a Rufuous Bettong

PK & Litoria learn from Goanna how the Grass got sick, and that Rufous Bettong has moved

PK & Litoria learn from Goanna how the Grass got sick, and that Rufous Bettong has moved

The gully and surrounding land is part of  this Rufous Bettong’s territory. Its home and backyard.  This land was sprayed last year with glyphosate. Since then, the tall grass has died and fallen over. 

Hortico Weed Killer  360 Concentrate   Material Safety Data Sheet  (MSDS SHEET) = GLYPHOSATE  MSDS

The pathways and resting spots of other small animals that lived there were more  apparent for a while after the spraying. Eventually the wildlife  re-adapted their travel and lifestyles.  The changing of the landscape can have many consequences.

The dead thatched layer of this sprayed gully was quite high, and opened up  in places.

The Rufous Betong had nested in one such thatched area  when I walked next to it. I disturbed the Bettong and  gave it a fright.

Extracting itself from the undergrowth, it thumped away very quickly. Poor dear Rufous Bettong!

Lesson 1 :  Aepyprymnus rufescens -RUFOUS BETTONG  * =  beautiful!!!

 lesson 2 : sudden change and human traffic can cause stress to a vulnerable animal… a threatened species listed animal – marsupial… one of 25 listed little darlings

lesson 3 : Rufous Betong , one of 25 threatened Marsupials in NSW  RUFOUS BETTONG  – vulnerable marsupial species listing in NSW

Rufous Bettong distribution and vegetation association – Northern Rivers, New South Wales

NSW Environmental Legislation   

Rufous Bettong at the Marsupial Society of Australia  : see original article here, with more Threatened Species links :  Rufous Bettong and the Glyphosate Bank

bluecray search engine : Rufous Bettong  

bluecray Regional Environmental News – Mt Warning Caldera  SEARCH : Rufous Bettong

Kings Forest, Koalas and NSW Planning Laws

March 1, 2009

The Kings Forest Residential Development, (Tweed shire, NE NSW, Australia), as seen by the developer (Leda) planning documents, is extremely inappropriate and threatening to already threatened species. The Kings Forest Residential Development, as stands, IS indeed potentially very damaging. 21 threatened species, their restricted and already fragmented habitats, their vulnerability, their capacity to survive intense non sustainable development practices testify to this.

The humble Australian Koala is only one of these species.

The Kings Forest Development (Leda Group) shows us some interesting facts about the “perceived right of way” by developers concerning inappropriate development of sensitive areas on the Far North Coast of New South Wales.

The EDO (Environmental Defenders)  has highlighted that  Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979   has resulted in “The limited capacity for members of the community, or even other environmental agencies, to have their voice heard and the reduced rights to seek justice in the Land and Environment Court also suggest that the NSW Government considers that development ranks ahead of the environment, whether that development is sustainable or not“.

The Australian Government, in its wisdom, chose to not list the Koala as a threatened species, although documents show that the Koala is increasingly under pressure within the North Coast region of NSW.  Why did Australia chose to be part of the Agenda 21?

Kings Forest is  a powerful place. Generations of spiritual  guardians, and land custodians have held this place in a natural heritage beauty and sustainable biodiverse capacity and resilience for  thousands of years.  The taking away of even small biodiverse components from an area, so fragmented and isolated now, and, as other developments increase within and about it, will result in an immediate lack of biodiversity and cultural heritage significance.

However, I suspect, that bigger wheels are in play here. And while the big wheels of government and money turn powerfully, the biggest wheel of all is nature.

Kings Forest Kingscliff  Tweed Development Planning Documents for perusal and comment ( due 2nd March 2009) 

Development project threatens second largest Koala Colony in Tweed Shire – ** this is a good article to help you understand this development, with contact details for the project and some great Koala info

Kings Forest – public submissions conclude tomorrow (2nd March 2009)–  – article and links

The   Caldera Environment Centre  in NE NSW, Australia shows insights,  in their submission to the NSW Government and objection to the planned Kings Forest and Cobakai Lakes Development , summing up  the King’s Forest Project situation very clearly. You should have a read of this Submission HERE.  

Kings Forest Development threatens 21 species of THREATENED FAUNA – – article and more links

Kings Forest Development ( by Leda ), The NSW State Government, and Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 – will it cause a change in NSW Environmental Planning Laws? – full article at

Little Bat finds NE NSW Coast Lifestyle, near Kings Forest to much to survive in

Little Bat finds NE NSW Coast Lifestyle, near Kings Forest to much to survive in

This little Bat in the above photo is a consequence of development – dead on the doorstep of a duplex in the housing development west of Pottsville, Tweed Shire. With 21 threatened fauna species threatened even more byLeda and the development proposed, what will be the costs, if all that stands between them, and survival, is documents written, verbal provisions made and “intentions”  outlined, when the bulldozers and engineering machinery move into Kings Forest and further develop this area?

“A preliminary investigation of the distribution of koalas and their potential habitat in the Tweed Shire, and implications for management”  by Judy Faulks . Find article at – Australian Zoologist, June 1991 Vol. 27(1 & 2)