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Kings Forest – some bluecray updates

September 11, 2009

Kings Forest, on the Tweed Coast of NE NSW and information relating to the Kings Forest Development can be searched for,  using the bluecray customised search engine HERE. The Director-General of the NSW State Government  Department of Planning has set out requirements for this State Significant site , and these requirements can be found by clicking HERE.

Alternatively, you can try out’s new Environmental Search Engine for “koalas kings forest tweed coast

The Creation, by Bob Ell’s (Leda) Project 28 Pty Ltd,  of a “residential community (including subdivision), educational facilities, a town centre, a service station, a golf course and club house, a neighbourhood centre and a regional community facility” in and about Kings Forest is being assessed by the Director-General. Information ( Assessment type Part 3A) Application and Declaration,  Preliminary Assessment, Director-General’s Requirements, Environmental Assessment, Response to Submissions)  at the NSW Department of Planning can be found HERE.

Planning Workshop Australia – Kings Forest and some other State Significant Sites’ work for developers

Meanwhile, here is a photo of Benoit, my little Crow friend… he has discovered money, and you can find out what he thinks about it by clicking HERE!