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Phantom Koala and the Long and Short of Corporate Vision

October 5, 2009

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The “Koala” is not just an ICON.

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In the following Koala Poem about Corporate Vision, Phantom Koala muses that the current vision is extremely MYOPIC. Land is cleared,  bargains are made and more Koala Habitat is lost. PK is waiting for Corporate Leadership to take the helm. Unfortunately, all he sees is self seeking gamesmanship, ego and deceit in many directions. Luckily, he has some good friends all around the world, and with his family and friends, he climbs up high to “see”…..
…………….corporate myopia

Phantom Koala does disappearance good
His developer enemies wish that he would
stop as a threat(ened), so their work can go on
now their money is dwindling ,  their wish list so long

They’ve complied with the standard of EIS, so –
why does the nod from the government slow?
And why does their sleep seem to toss turn and wake
they’ve paid their donations what more does it take?

Well PK’s protected. Their money can’t buy
his spirit or habit(at) since their money’s a lie.
And lies based on ego and greed and defense
are valued below more than just a few cents.

While PK’s dear forest friends rally to hear
how corporate greed is now seen by this seer
(This hero who travels through corporate land
and watches and listens to their hollow stand)

Ah –  there’s none oh so blind as as those that can see
yet miss this Koala who’s high in his tree.
And there’s none oh so blind as developers who
circle like madmen yet deny what they knew.

They vow that they’ll see all their money can buy
but PK and his friends see their actions so sly
PK has their myopic sights right in his frame
and sees on their shoulders all of the blame

For his dear friends’ home losses their habitats ‘dozed
And who’s sleeping well now this myth is near closed?
It’s PK and family and friends sitting high
above tree tops of love so they’ll always see “why”.

Phantom Koala (PK) wonders why, for all the badge selling, tracking and monitoring, big furry- suited people with tins and volumes of papers and documents, no corporation has stopped the great destruction of Koala Habitat in SE QLD and NE NSW. PK knows that he has Corporate Friends. PK also knows that the “Koala” is not just an ICON.

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PK Crossing Road on Tweed Coast, NE NSW, Australia

PK Crossing Road on Tweed Coast, NE NSW, Australia

Development on the Tweed Coast of NE NSW, in the Mt Warning Caldera Region of Australia is an example of Corporate Myopia

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