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Environmental Advocacy blogs – the Art of Public Engagement

February 18, 2009

Environmental Advocacy blogs are largely under – utilizing the opportunities that the internet offers. Global warming, the Murray-Darling, parched dry and injured koalas and other crisis driven topics abound on the web these days. However, do these blogs necessarily engage the public to action, to change, to transform the world?



Melissa Merry, (University of Washington Department of Political Science) in her well researched document “Blogging and Environmental Advocacy: A New Way to Engage the Public?” outlines a number of blogging issues and with statistical analysis gives findings that could be well used by Environmental Advocacy bloggers.


Have a read,  then think about it. Can YOU improve your blog?? I know I certainly can!!

Being very new to this form of reaching out to the world, I hope that my style, content and approach reaches more and more people, (or at least those of you who really would like to engage and learn to do more in their lives) to further the beautiful nature of our earth for future generations to enjoy.